La llama de Focea

La llama de Focea / The Flame of Focea

Novel , 2022


Pages: 552

Queralt Bonmatí, a young woman from a wealthy family in Barcelona, whose father is linked to Catalan independence and is under judicial investigation, is murdered on the Camino de Santiago. The case will take Bevilacqua from Lugo to Barcelona, the city where he arrived in the days of the Olympic dream, and which in the autumn of 2019 will be set alight with the flame of a long-standing rage. 

“One of the best instalments of Bevilacqua’s adventures.” Babelia, El País

“A magnificent novel and the best in the whole police series.”  Zenda Libros

“Silva's Civil Guard is the star of a committed involvement in the past and present circumstances of Catalonia. [...] A moving novel.” La Vanguardia

“Bevilacqua understands how to grow old. He resigns himself to the fact that his son has decided to take up the same profession, he turns down promotion in the force, and he continues to be the inveterate reader admired by those around him. This excellent storyteller must have taken the idea of making him so human that nothing human is strange to him from the comedy by the Roman playwright Terence, The Self-Tormentor.” El Cultural

“Lorenzo Silva continues to follow the path of the thrillers that have brought him success during the last quarter of a century. Only he knows how to fictionalize those individuals whose fight take them across the red line, giving them an identity without personification.” La Sexta