La vida es otra cosa

La vida es otra cosa / Life is Something Else

Non-fiction , 2024


Pages: 440

The gaze of Lorenzo Silva on the most turbulent two years of our recent history, transforming the world as we knew it.

This book concludes a cycle of literary and journalistic observation by Lorenzo Silva on the history of what we have experienced in the new century. Following 'Where One Falls,' which gathers the writer's perspective on the second decade of the 21st century, this volume focuses on the last two years that have marked the beginning of the third decade (spring 2019 - autumn 2021).

In these narrative pieces, Silva reflects on refugees fleeing hunger and war, populism in the West, the polarization of Spanish politics, the exhumation of Franco from the Valley of the Fallen, a time marked by COVID-19, and finally, he speaks of despair, horror, chaos, and the global responsibility of an anticipated setback: the Taliban's takeover of Kabul.

A truthful and raw portrait of everything that has occurred and how the events have changed us forever.