Nadie por delante

Nadie por delante / No One Ahead

Novel , 2022


Pages: 312

A brave fiction about conflicts and those who experience them on the front lines where there is no one ahead.

"Heráclito says that war is the father of all things. There was a time when war concerned everyone. The fact that in the conflicts of this century only professional soldiers live them on the front lines for us has led us to confuse living in peace with living in the rear. There is a war, there has never ceased to be one, and in it, the course of history is still being decided and the world is being shaped. The only thing that happens is that the vast majority of us look at it from too far away to feel challenged." From the prologue, Lorenzo Silva

Alicante, July 2002. Jorge, alias Ruina, is at an Estopa concert when he receives a notice: the Moroccans have taken the islet of Perejil and he, a young sergeant, is mobilized to prepare the operation to recover it. Alongside Jorge and his three comrades, we will experience the assault on the islet, which reveals the existence of the elite unit to which they belong and which is only the prelude to twenty years of operations. From the battle of Nayaf in Iraq in 2004 to the dangerous and compromising evacuation of Kabul airport in 2021, in which the protagonists are the young people whom Jorge and his colleagues give way to and whom they, already mature and on the verge of retirement, have to settle for observing from a distance.

A collection of fiction stories inspired by real events, of high intensity, starring those who volunteer to be in that uncomfortable place where no one is ahead.