Novel , 2023


Pages: 464

A gripping thriller that combines the fast-paced action of films like Bourne and Taken with the literary drive of Lorenzo Silva, a best-selling author in Spain.

Púa is the code name of a former agent of the Company, a secret special unit set up to fight against terrorism. Now, no one would recognize him if they saw him in his new job as a bookseller in the provinces, under a new identity after dedicating the best years of his life to the corps. And he still doesn’t knowing whether he wasted them pointlessly or was making sacrifices to save lives.

When an old colleague asks him for help to protect his daughter Vera, caught up in the drug world and bad company, Púa has no choice but to return to action. It does not take him long to discover that Vera is in no way a helpless girl waiting for a knight-errant. Nonetheless, she has got herself into big trouble with a gang of corrupt police officers among whom there are former colleagues from the Company.

Forced to act outside the law again, using violent methods and in a race against the clock, Púa settles accounts with his past. In the Company, which has carte blanche to kidnap and execute its enemies, the recruits go through a testing training programme that pushes them to the limit, in search of operatives with a very unusual profile. People ready to give their all on dangerous missions, without flinching, and where there is no time to decide what is right and what is wrong. People like Púa.