Recordarán tu nombre

Recordarán tu nombre / They’ll Remember Your Name

Novel , 2017


A historical novel that moves around the history of the military uprising in Barcelona on July 19th, 1936.

General Aranguren is a little-known figure who played a highly relevant role in the early days of the Spanish Civil War. As the general in command of the Civil Guard in Barcelona, he refused to cooperate with the uprising and remained faithful to the government of the Republic. When rebel troops finally entered Barcelona, Franco ordered his execution by firing squad.

Lorenzo Silva relates his encounter with a descendant of General Aranguren’s, who encourages him to dig deeper into the life of this heroic figure. Fascinated by Aranguren, he discovers parallels with his own grandfathers, who fought in the war on opposite sides. Silva decides to tell Aranguren’s story to rescue him from the unfair obscurity to which he was relegated by Franco’s version of history.

In a detailed analysis of the events, including exhaustive historical research, an introspective journey into his own family’s past, and reflexions on the often unfair treatment history gives to the defeated, Lorenzo Silva writes one of the best stories literature can offer about the Spanish Civil War.

“This formidable novel by Lorenzo Silva is undoubtedly one of his best books not starring Civil Guards Bevilacqua and Chamorro.” José María Pozuelo Yvancos, ABC

 “Silva achieves the prodigious task of remaining distant and unbiased, and does not fall into the easy trap of Manichaean interpretation.” Javier Sampedro, El País

"Silva’s literary role models are authors such as Ramón J. Sender and Manuel Chaves Nogales, champions of the laudable task of “remembering civilization and not barbarism.” P. Unamuno, El Mundo

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