Si esto es una mujer (con Noemí Trujillo)

Si esto es una mujer (con Noemí Trujillo) / If This is a Woman

Novel , 2019


Pages: 320

The first novel in a new detective series written by bestselling Spanish author Lorenzo Silva with Noemí Trujillo.

A new heroine faces a case inspired by a real murder that shook Spain.

Homicide detective Manuela Mauri is on leave, overcoming a tragic personal affair that also clouded her professional life. Separated from the father of her children, a great cop but terrible husband, she’s devoting time to her family and to reading about her great passions: geography, history, and linguistics. The discovery of a dismembered corpse in a garbage dump in Madrid, and the little importance being given to the victim, a prostitute from sub-Saharan Africa, prompt Manuela’s return to the front lines. She faces not only the greatest police challenge of her career, but also a personal crossroads where everything is at stake.

Si esto es una mujer addresses one of our society’s bloodiest scourges: the trafficking of women. It’s based on a shocking, high-profile case from 2003: the murder and dismembering of a young Nigerian prostitute in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid.

"A punch in the stomach." Carles Francino, El Periódico