Huye sin mirar atrás

Huye sin mirar atrás / Run away without Looking Back

Books for children and young readers , 2016


Pages: 224

Premio Edebé Young Adult XXIV 2016 / Premio Hache IX 2017

The car was reaching more speed, and began an adventure that I never thought I would experience when I was fifteen. When you go a hundred kilometers per hour inside a car, you feel that what moves is the world out there and not you. But, when you go to a hundred and twenty and you don't have glasses because someone has shot through both lunettes, you feel like you've parachuted out of the stratosphere without oxygen cylinders. It is not vertigo, or dizziness, or panic, or pain, it is all of that multiplied by a thousand. I could not tell you the speed at which we were going, but I assure you that it seemed to me that we were about to break the sound barrier. The air rushed through the vehicle like a hurricane. For a moment I feared that the force of the gale would lift me from my seat and throw me through the hole in the rear window. "Remember, when you run away, you don't have to look back," he had told me. Hector.