El fin de la historia

El fin de la historia / The End of History

Novel , 2017


Pages: 208

“Literature tells what official history conceals." Luis Sepúlveda

Juan Belmonte laid down his arms for years, he lives in Patagonia by the sea with his partner, Verónica, who has not yet fully recovered from the torture she suffered under the Pinochet dictatorship. But the Russian secret services, who know his talents as a guerrilla and sniper, will force him to give them a hand. On the other side of the world, a group of nostalgic Cossacks decided to free the descendant of the last ataman, Miguel Krassnoff. The son of Russian Cossacks who fought in WWII in the SS regiments, Krassnoff became general of Pinochet's army, before being imprisoned in Santiago for his participation in the repression and torture during the military dictatorship. And Belmonte has good reasons to hate “the Cossack”, very personal reasons.

From Trotsky’s Russia to Pinochet’s Chile, from Hitler’s Germany to present day Patagonia, The End of History spans the entire 20th century.