Historia de un perro llamado Leal

Historia de un perro llamado Leal / The Story of a Dog Called Loyal

Novel , 2015


Pages: 96

An emotional and encouraging fable for young people from 8 to 88 years old.

It is difficult for a German shepherd dog that lives in the service of a human group, not to yearn for the freedom that he knew as a puppy. And above all not to feel nostalgia for everything he lost in his experiences with the Mapuches, the Indians of the Araucanía in Chile. Since our dog fell in the snow and, rescued by a jaguar, went to a Mapuche village. There he grew up with his partner Aukamañ, the Indian boy who was like a brother to him, and there he learned to respect Nature and all his creatures. However, he must now obey the orders of those he works for and hunt a mysterious fugitive who hides beyond the river. Where the hunting will take us? Fate is written in his own name, Loyal, and will lead him to a situation that will test, after so long, his fidelity to old ties of affection.

"Sepúlveda uses poetry and sensitivity to narrate in a few lines the history of the Mapuche people and their extermination, as well as to denounce the destruction of nature." El Cultural