Hotel Chile

Hotel Chile

Non-fiction , 2022


Pages: 220

Luis Sepúlveda faces the camera.

Hotel Chile presents a series of unpublished writings by Luis Sepúlveda alongside photographs of the author taken by Daniel Mordzinski, known as “the photographer of the writers” and Sepúlveda’s friend for more than thirty years.

The texts and the images give us a glimpse of the author’s private world – his personal and family relationships, as well as the making of his books and the places that were important in his life and work. A necessary homage that commemorates the mark left by one of the most widely read Latin American writers in the world.

Photos by Daniel Mordzinski.

“Like Gabriel García Márquez and Isabel Allende, the Chilean Luis Sepúlveda harmoniously combines tropical exuberance, pretend naivety and genuine wisdom.”Lire

“Luis Sepúlveda, untiring globetrotter exploring the territories of the imagination.”—Javier Goñi, El País

“Thanks to his sense of effective, concise storytelling, a taste for carefully chiselled imagery and a great gift for evocation, Sepúlveda is able to stylize with simplicity the most complicated things, beings and events.” Le Monde

“An invitation to adventure and paradise.”—Antón Castro, El Periódico