Carta de batalla por Tirant lo Blanc

Carta de batalla por Tirant lo Blanc / Tirant lo Blanc’s Battle Letter

Non-fiction , 1991


Pages: 120

In this book, Mario Vargas Llosa shows us the power of words, the subtle and abstract passion of Tirant lo Blanc, which he regards as one of the most modern and ambitious of the classic novels. These three essays are the product of an uninterrupted, exciting and passionate relationship with Tirant lo Blanc. The first addresses the idea of the total novel, illustrated five hundred years earlier in this book of chivalry. “It’s the total novel. A fantastic, historical, social, erotic, psychological book of chivalry: all of those things at the same time, and none of them exclusively.” The second offers a more personal image of Joan Martorell through his letters, and the third defends the importance of “the words” in the book.