García Márquez: historia de un deicidio

García Márquez: historia de un deicidio / García Márquez: The Story of a Deicide

Non-fiction , 1971


Pages: 672

The admiration that Mario Vargas Llosa felt on reading One Hundred Years of Solitude resulted in García Márquez: The Story of a Deicide, the essay that has gone the deepest into the magic and secrets of the masterpiece that made Gabriel García Márquez world famous. Published in 1971, this almost unknown book has now been re-edited, settling a historical controversy.

A master class, brimming with sensitivity and respect for the creative act, from one Nobel laureate to another.

‘An indirect portrait of a brilliant writer who had the generosity to read his contemporary as if he were a classic. A rarity.’ Babelia, El País

‘It would seem that Vargas Llosa knows more about García Márquez than García Márquez himself. It brings to mind a museum built to house a work of art, and in the end, the architecture of the building is as valuable or even more so than the work it holds.’ Clarín

‘A hymn to friendship and admiration, a proof of extreme affection and generosity. [...] A perfect and rare work of art.’ El País

‘The best essay on García Márquez. A literary event. [...] A tremendously ambitious and profound study that dissects and analyzes with enormous rigour the demons, the events, the sometimes implausible stories that forged the prose of the Colombian writer until he reached One Hundred Years of Solitude.’ La Opinión de Málaga