Teatro. Obra reunida

Teatro. Obra reunida / Theatre. Collected Works

Theatre , 2011


Vargas Llosa’s theatrical creations, unknown to many who have enjoyed his fiction, are an essential ingredient of his career and literary interests. This genre allows him to delve into one of the constants in his works: the extent to which the stories we tell and tell ourselves, the fantasies we use to try to brighten each day, are a way of broadening our reality beyond the limits imposed by everyday reality. This volume includes five dramatic texts: La señorita de Tacna (The Young Lady from Tacna) (1981), Kathie y el hipopótamo (Kathie and the Hippopotamus) (1983), La Chunga (1986), El loco de los balcones (The Madman of the Balconies) (1993), and Ojos bonitos, cuadros feos (Pretty Eyes, Ugly Pictures) (1996).