Miguel Ángel Asturias

Miguel Ángel Asturias

El hombre que lo tenía todo, todo, todo

El hombre que lo tenía todo, todo, todo / The Man Who Had it All, All, All

Books for children and young readers , 1973


Pages: 93

The story starts in the salt bed of a man that had it all, all and all, and ends with the meeting of Chilabaco, the great toad, who opens his heart. During the surrealist trajectory, the reader will travel in some jumping slippers through time and space; they will visit the Rome of the Popes, the Babylonian circus, the exotic Egypt… And even rich very rich, the Man that had it all, all, still lacks a wish to come true: to find the avocado seed for his son.

Illustrated by Rafa Vivas.