Cartas de amor de un sexagenario voluptuoso

Cartas de amor de un sexagenario voluptuoso / Love Letters from a Voluptuous Sexagenarian

Novel , 1983


In Love Letters from a Voluptuous Sexagenarian, our antihero, Eugenio Sanz Vecilla, a sixty-five-year-old retired Castilian newspaperman, reads a personal ad in Sentimental Correspondence while in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. Thus begins a six-month exchange of letters with Rocío, a fifty-six-year-old widow from Seville whose son, Federico, is writing a graduate thesis on censorship of the press in the 1940s under Francisco Franco’s dictatorship. This novel, an epistolary mono-dialogue, weaves a comic love story with an unwitting exposé of the state of journalism under an authoritarian regime.