Angèlica i Rafel

Angèlica i Rafel / Angelica and Rafel

Novel , 2019

Editorial Comanegra

Pages: 320

Angelica is a secret agent capable of surviving in the most chaotic and stark Barcelona imaginable. She is responsible for testing other agents for high-risk missions, but suddenly she has to take over an explosive cocktail composed by a mysterious editorial fusion, a series of spontaneous combustion cases, and theories of a man who claims the authorship of a book from 1818 that now, for some strange reason, has become a bestseller. When Angelica meets Rafael, without realizing it, they will both dive right into a plot that is much bigger than them, and they will have to decide how many cards do they want to play.

Comedy, espionage and philosophy come together in a book about truth and lies, about melancholy and negativity, about excuses to justify evil and the futility of the self. In short, a novel about Nothing.