Copèrnic / Copernicus

Novel , 2021


Pages: 256

What if the Mr Hyde hiding inside you had his own voice and expressed out loud everything you had repressed during your whole life? 

The peaceful life of Toni Radiguet, a married man with children who have already fled the nest, is turned upside down when a pimple appears on the nape of his neck. At first, the doctor does not give it the slightest importance, until the pimple begins to grow and take on human form. And not only that. It soon starts to talk and finally ends up acquiring a personality of its own, different and quite the opposite of Toni’s. A new self has emerged who dares to say everything that Toni would never dare to even think. Or maybe it is Toni himself?  

Copérnic is not only an unabashed satire about the modern individual, at odds between what he thinks and what he sees himself able to say, but also a shrewd philosophical reflection on the fine line that separates the conscious from the unconscious, in that place where the contradictions of what we like to call the personality come into conflict.  

"Una novela de humor negro, entre el absurdo y el cuento filosófico, que perturba y divierte, inquieta como una película de David Cronenberg. [...] Probablemente una de las más salvajes escritas nunca por De Palol." Ponç Puigdevall, Quadern, El País