Gato en el camino

Gato en el camino / Cat on the Road

Illustrated Book , 2022

Zorro Rojo

Pages: 64

Cat on the Road is the first self-antecedent of antipoetry and literary genius by the poet and Cervantes Prize winner Nicanor Parra. In this narrative, absurdity, incoherence, and humor surround the life of a cat abandoned to its fate.

Joan Casaramona's original graphic proposal expands the possibilities of reading and turns this tale into a literary artifact that opens doors to all generations and lovers of the author's work.

Nicanor Parra was only twenty years old when he wrote Cat on the Road, the first story he published in his career, which he later defined as "an anticuento (antostory), a protocuento (protostory), a minicuento (ministory)" that "had nothing of a traditional story."

Regarding the reactions that this literary exercise elicited, Parra himself explained, "When it appeared in the magazine, everyone was talking about it; some were surprised and even scandalized. After reading it, they thought the author was a deranged guy, much worse than a lost soul."

For years, Cat on the Road has coexisted in the midst of his antipoetry without receiving the attention and recognition that a literary piece of such singularity deserves. With this edition, the uniquely joyful and unsuspected world of one of the most important Latin American writers of the 20th century comes to life in an unprecedented illustrated project.