Arte de pájaros

Arte de pájaros / Art of Birds

Poetry , 1966


In his youth Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda's good fortune was to live in one of the most extravagantly beautiful areas of his native Chile - a region of the south that lies at the verge of that country's spectacular Lake District and lush rain forest. Raised amid this natural splendor, Neruda often evokes the glories of nature in his poetry. Art of Birds, first published in Chile in I966, celebrates the special beauty of the birds of this poet's native land. Neruda's impressionistic sketches of these dazzling inhabitants of Chile's land and skies brilliantly capture movement, light, habitat, and the distinctive personalities of the various species. From the passionate intensity of his poem to that "roscate angel" the flamingo to the deep mystery of his verses to the black- necked swan, the poems reflect a broad range of mood and feeling.