Bestiario / Bestiary

Illustrated Book , 2019

Libros del Zorro Rojo

Pages: 80

The value of the twelve odes that make up this Bestiary does not lie in the fabulousness of the animals that it comprises, but in the transversal journey of the work in which the deepest character of the poet unfolds. He shows his love towards America as a whole, that "trembling homeland" where the creatures that, on the one hand, testify to their vital fascination and, on the other, compose a biographical portrait of Neruda from its most intimate side.

The delicate work of Luis Scafati reveals a careful reading on the work of the Chilean poet. In these bodies of naturalistic imprint, the radiographic transparencies suggest the coexistence of a cultural -human- footprint in which the depth of the senses survives. Especially, the look and the voice.