Plenos poderes

Plenos poderes / Fully Empowered

Poetry , 1962


An important collection that includes some of the Nobel Prize winner's own favorite poems.

Widely held as one of the most profoundly influential of Latin-American writers, Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda regarded this collection, Fully Empowered, as a particular favorite. These poems, which came out of a most fruitful period of his life, claim a place in any selection of Neruda’s greatest work. "The People" (El Pueblo), about the state of the workingman in Chile’s past and present, is the most celebrated of his later poems. Fully Empowered first appeared in Spanish in 1962 under the title of Plenos Poderes. It was translated into English by Alastair Reid at the specific request of the author and described by The New Republic as "a full book, rich in experience, alternately groping and sweeping, and a joy to read."

"The Sea"

A single entity, but no blood.
A single caress, death or a rose.
The sea comes in and puts our lives together
and attacks alone and spreads itself and sing
sin nights and days and men and living creatures.
Its essence-fire and cold; movement, movement.