Las brumas del miedo

Las brumas del miedo / The Mists of Fear

Novel , 2017


Pages: 480

“We’re all keeping the same secret, but it’s forbidden to talk about it.”

In Leipzig, Germany, the bodies of five naked girls have been found in the middle of the night at the foot of the Battle of Nations monument, under the colossal stone statues known as the Totenwächter, or Guardians of the Dead. Everything points to a ritual murder, the strangest crime veteran State Police Inspector Klaus Bauman has encountered in his career. Meanwhile, Susana Olmos, an Erasmus student from Spain who’s new in town, meets Bruno, a fascinating young professor at the Music Conservatory. Susana is unexpectedly submerged in the most mysterious, unknown circles in Leipzig and Berlin, relating to erotic art and the resurgence of Nazism in Europe.

Inspector Bauman’s investigation and Susana’s entry into a world of sex, drugs, fanaticism and death will converge surprisingly in an ending that leaves none of the protagonists unscathed.

A chilling police thriller with shades of history, full of intrigue and action, reflecting a macabre descent into the darkest corners of the soul.