Cuando nace el poema

Cuando nace el poema / When the Poem is Born

Anthology / Selection , 2023


Pages: 146

The present anthology aims to bring the reading public closer to the most representative compositions of Cadenas's poetic career, including poems that allow us to appreciate the stylistic and conceptual evolution of the author's work as a whole. When the Poem is Born, it also takes its name from the composition that opens "Una isla" (1958), as a poem that underscores the way poetry inhabits the soul and embodies the body. Poetry in Cadenas reflects a commitment to the political and the human, but also a dialogue with the essential mystery of the world, like a mantle that envelops his verses in an unalterable way. It is a lyric that—from his early compositions to his latest poems— is made of perceptions and emerges from honesty. Cadenas, without succumbing to the weight of recognition, shuns notoriety and fanfare, because, above all, there is the poem.