Florecemos en un abismo: Poemas (Premio Cervantes 2022)

Florecemos en un abismo: Poemas (Premio Cervantes 2022) / We Flourish in an Abyss: Poems

Anthology / Selection , 2023

Universidad Alcalá de Henares

Pages: 208

We are celebrating the award of the 2022 Cervantes Prize to the poet Rafael Cadenas with a new anthology titled Florecemos en un abismo.
Its pages cover most of his most important books (Una isla, Los cuadernos del destierro, Memorial, Amante...), together with a compilation of six unpublished poems under the title of Poemas de Trinidad.
Some of the themes that appear in all of Cadenas’s work can be found here: love and women, the notion of life as a poetic experience and an “island”: that all-encompassing image of fragile frontiers that links us, at the same time, to exile as an existential condition and to the deployment of the poetic subject.

“'Humble, silent and rebellious’ are words Cadenas used to describe himself in his poems. In fact, his tendency to keep quiet has resulted in a less and less embroidered style of writing. The Cervantes Prize jury has highlighted this condition by rewarding a body of work that “demonstrates the transformative power of the word when language is pushed to the limits of its creative possibilities.”
El País