Rodolfo Enrique Fogwill

Rodolfo Enrique Fogwill

La buena nueva

La buena nueva / The Good News of the Books of the Walker

Novel , 1990


Pages: 296

An exceedingly intelligent, joyful, and centrifugal verbal artifact, *La buena nueva* traces the steps of a wanderer through a journey that is simultaneously a spoken portrait: an elusive center, surrounded by vigor and fascination, that reads itself in search of the author.

La buena nueva de los Libros del Caminante, a kind of shadowy autobiography originally published in 1990 when Fogwill was approaching fifty, is also a distant biography of an era, a social class, and an Argentina seen—according to Elvio Gandolfo—through "itinerancy and digression."

Lavish, torrential, and extravagant in its resources and adventures, it is a book filled with veiled hints about Fogwill's own youth in Quilmes and his family's belonging to a small, conventional, and prudish bourgeoisie: a universe from which its protagonist, the author's alter ego, escapes to literally wander the world.