El hombre que nunca le haría daño a nadie

El hombre que nunca le haría daño a nadie / The man that would never hurt anybody

Novel , 2019

Ediciones B

Pages: 296

A Crime Novel addict likes to imagine perfect murders, until someone starts committing them…

A Thriller with an original and groundbreaking plot in a Barcelona that never is what it seems.

The discovery of the corpse of a prostitute in an apartment in the city center of Barcelona is the start of a strange chain of murders. A man has turned himself in to the police, blaming himself for this and other crimes, but things are not so clear: the alleged murderer, addicted to crime novels, likes to spend his free time imagining perfect crimes and studying even the smallest details, but he does that for pure entertainment and without the slightest intention of putting his plans into practice. The surprising thing is that his "victims", those whose crimes he imagines, have begun to appear dead in the exact way he had described…