El arte de la entrevista

El arte de la entrevista / The Art of the Interview

Journalistic Work , 2019


Pages: 400

A selection of the most emblematic interviews from one of the giants of Spanish journalism.

Legend Award 2019 granted by the Madrid Booksellers Association

As Rosa Montero puts it, old interviews are like old photographs: time pooled, frozen. Reading them, one not only revisits bygone eras but also inevitably reflects on lost innocence.

With the author's characteristic journalistic intuition, immense analytical prowess, and extraordinary narrative talent, this volume brings together her most iconic interviews published in El País, offering us forty years of questions and answers that allow us to confront the truths that time has unveiled.

Thus, The Art of the Interview becomes a faithful reflection of history, the passage of years, and a testament to the career of one of our country's great journalists. The definitive proof that, more than a journalistic genre, the interview is an artistic expression where history, time, and truth converge in a delightful combination.