El hombre de mis sueños

El hombre de mis sueños / The Man of My Dreams

Short stories and novellas , 2010

Cuadernos del Vigia

A story published in the collection Cuentos del mar (Sea Stories), compiled by Mario Delgado Aparaín (Ediciones B, 2001) and republished by Siruela in the book Los cuentos de la esfinge (The Stories of Sphinx) (2003). The book includes stories by the following authors: Mario Delgado Aparaín, Ramón Díaz Eterovic, José Manuel Fajardo, Mempo Giardenelli, Rosa Montero, Alfredo Pita, Hernán Rivera Letelier, Antonio Sarabia and Luis Sepúlveda. In nine extraordinary tales, nine great Ibero-American writers evoke the multiple facets of an inexhaustible theme that has fed literature since its origins, and continues to do so with the same strength and variety on both shores of the Spanish-speaking world.