El peso del corazón

El peso del corazón / The Weight of the Heart

Novel , 2015

Seix Barral

Pages: 400

"With Bruna Husky, Rosa Montero has created one of the deepest characters of her long career." Ricard Ruiz Garzón, El Periódico

Bruna Husky has 3 years, 10 months, and a few days to live. Like all replicants, she was created with a preset expiration date. Unlike the rest, she is obsessively tortured by this idea. The detective protagonist of Lágrimas en la lluvia (Tears in the Rain) returns in this second book to take on a new case: the disappearance of a millionaire’s corpse. At first it looks like a simple theft, but Bruna uncovers the involvement of a powerful fundamentalist sect that forces its members to live in primitive conditions, on the fringes of the technological era. Bruna doesn’t know that she’s entering a dangerous, clandestine dirty war serving interests that spread disease and death in exchange for economic profit.