La buena suerte

La buena suerte / Good Fortune

Novel , 2020


Pages: 328

A moving story of love and atonement. 

Looking out of the window of a train during a brief stop at the station of a god-forsaken town in the middle of nowhere, run-down and absolutely ugly, a passenger notices a sign advertising a flat for sale. Pablo, 54, a prestigious architect from Madrid who is traveling to give a conference, decides that this hellhole is a good place to abandon himself to the pain that is eating him away. Without a second thought, Pablo leaves the train – and his previous life – and pays for the apartment in cash, a pigsty he settles into with just the basics, without informing his friends or his employees and with the sole purpose of disappearing. His plans do not include meeting a woman as alien to his world as Raluca, a supermarket cashier and painter who loves kitsch artwork, and who is indestructible, despite how badly she has been treated by life. In her, Pablo will find the strength to start from scratch – as a supermarket shelf filler – and learn to face up to a family past cut short by evil in its purest expression.

 “An existentialist novel that combines large doses of mystery with a philosophical approach. It condenses and explores all the complexities and contradictions of life. [...] Absorbing.” Andrés Seoane, El Cultural

“Her writing provides an antidote for these times. A new novel that reminds us that life is a gift.” Gema Veiga, Elle

“Delightful, full of depth.” Juan Carlos Cubeiro

“Dynamic and tragicomic.” Karina Sainz Borgo, Zenda

"Luminous x-ray of the human soul." Ana Rodríguez-Fischer, Babelia, El País

“It is full of light and it harbours a gift for the reader. [...] a prodigious story about happiness, redemption, survival, family and, of course, luck.” Siglo XXI 

“Good Fortune is one of Rosa Montero's best books […] In it, everything fits together and everything flows. Written in natural, warm, magnetic prose… […] It is a novel about the love of life, which reminds us that despite everything there are reasons to believe in human beings and not to lose hope. A brilliant, luminous novel about the joy of being alive.” Eva Cosculluela, Heraldo de Aragón

“A novel that takes a stand for good and good people, although there is tragedy in these pages, and darkness too, where the author manages to open a crack to let the light in.” Laura Barrachina, El ojo crítico (RNE 1)

“Intimate. [...] Montero takes us on a ride towards the fresh start and optimism that we so badly need. [...] A story about second chances, [...] a tale of intrigue and mystery that invokes joy and new beginnings.” Elena Méndez, La Voz de Galicia - Fugas

“Delicious, dynamic, funny, deep and exact.” Sonia Fides, El Asombrario

“An entertaining, communicative story, written with the courage of someone who dares to play freely with conventional realism and which, like the typical novels, adds the invention of a couple of unforgettable characters. In these particularly uncertain times the song to life in Good Fortune is a source of comfort [...].” Santos Sanz Villanueva, El Cultural

“We've been waiting all summer for this novel.” Literatura Noticias

“Less Prozac and more narrative. [This book] is a bit of a pain reliever in these changing times: life and joy are possible, one can fight and press on, and dreams sometimes come true.” Manuel Pedraz, Historias de papel (Radio Nacional)

“Rosa Montero surprises us again with this incredible work, whose underlying message is that beyond each defeat there is always a new beginning.” María Puig, Vanidad