La ridícula idea de no volver a verte
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  • French: Métailié
  • Italian: Salani
  • Portuguese: Porto, Portugal; Todavia, Brazil
  • Romanian: Rao

La ridícula idea de no volver a verte / The Ridiculous Idea of Never Seeing You Again

Novel , 2013

Seix Barral

Pages: 240

“A magic box of treasures that come out”

When Rosa Montero came across the diary that Marie Curie began writing after the death of her husband, she found that the story of this fascinating woman who met the challenges of her time inspired a heady mix of ideas and feelings.

Inspired by Curie’s extraordinary life story, Rosa Montero has constructed a story halfway between a personal memoir and the story of us all, an analysis of our life and times and a look deep within. It speaks of coping with grief, relations between men and women, the joy of sex, of a good death and the beauty of life, of science and ignorance, of the power of literature to save and the wisdom of those who have learned to live life to the full with a touch of lightness.

In the words of the author, “This is a book about life... heartfelt and joyful, sentimental and playful.”

“One of Rosa Montero's most exciting books.” Fernando Aramburu, author of Homeland

“A highly radioactive book that springs from lonely passion and desperate admiration.” Le Nouvel Observateur

“Rosa Montero demonstrates a total mastery of transforming the most personal issues into works of art.” Le Figaro

“Rosa Montero's voice is exuberant and bursting with vitality.” Maarten Steenmeijer De Volkskrant

“A beautiful title for a book in which death is as powerful as love.” Daria Bignardi