Los tiempos del odio

Los tiempos del odio / The Times of Hate

Novel , 2018

Seix Barral

Pages: 400

Madrid, 2110. Bruna Husky, detective and replicant, faces the most transcendental case of her life: to save the man she loves.

Unlike humans, who too often forget their existence is limited, replicants know the exact date their mechanisms will shut down. Bruna Husky’s remaining lifetime is three years, three months, and sixteen days, time too valuable to waste on unimportant things. That’s why Bruna will risk everything to find Paul Lizard, in a desperate race against time. The man she loves has disappeared without a trace, and Bruna fears he’s fallen into the hands of an international terrorist group who are kidnapping cops to slit their throats on chilling live television.

This third novel starring techno-human detective Bruna Husky is a fastpaced adventure in a bleak world where today’s most dire predictions have come true, while small gestures of solidarity and sacrifice provide a glimmer of hope for the future of the human race.