El cielo sobre Canfranc

El cielo sobre Canfranc / The Sky over Canfranc

Novel , 2022


Pages: 536

Rosario Raro revisits the world of her bestseller, Volver a Canfranc, in this unforgettable story of love in times of war.

1944. Valentina and Franz fall passionately and impossibly in love. She is a young woman from Canfranc who collaborates with the Allies across the frontier in the Pyrenees. He is a German paratrooper. They belong to enemy sides and speak different languages, and the war that has fleetingly brought them together separates them abruptly and almost irreversibly. 

While a fire has reduced the town of Canfranc to ashes – although the famous international station that makes it famous has been saved – Valentina and Franz try to overcome their misery and the blows of war with a single, irreducible desire: to meet again.