Prohibida en Normandía

Prohibida en Normandía / Forbidden in Normandy

Novel , 2024


Pages: 384

A love story in times of war based on the life of one of the greatest war correspondents in history.

Martha Gellhorn steered clear of becoming a footnote in the well-stocked biography of her husband, Ernest Hemingway. She was not cut out to be a deferential housewife; she had covered the Great Depression and the Spanish Civil War as a reporter, and later, in 1944, she was firmly committed to the fight against Hitler.

This novel transfers the reader to dramatic times in the no less dramatic life of Martha Gellhorn. While collaborating with the top-secret Ghost Army, she falls in love with General Harvey, a fine-looking man who certainly seem willing to love her the way she deserves. But Martha has other priorities, at least while the world is still at war: joining the front line during the Normandy Landings and helping the allies as much as she can.

An epic that mixes reality and fiction, populated by personalities who marked the time, such as a seductive young officer named Roald Dahl, the reporter Lee Miller, the writer H. G. Wells and the mathematician Ann Mitchell, among many others.