Cuentos Completos I

Cuentos Completos I / Complete Stories

Short stories and novellas , 2018


Pages: 580

For the first time, the complete stories by the Brazilian master of the noir genre.

Cuentos completos is the first complete collection in Spanish of short stories by Rubem Fonseca, an essential voice in the Latin American literature of the last fifty years. Maximum representative of visceral realism, Fonseca is the owner of a sharp, biting prose, and is not afraid to call things by their name. His works are characterised by a critical portrayal of the social reality of his country.

So much so that in 1977, he suffered censorship by the Brazilian regime. Fonseca fought back, won a lawsuit against the State, and his books are now part of the international literary canon.

Portrayals of cruelty, characters placed in corrosive situations, and hu-morous twists are characteristic of his works, a style that has set the tone for a generation of writers.

“The best thing about the works of Rubem Fonseca is  not knowing where he’s going to take us. Every time I start a book of his, it’s as if I answered a phone call in  the middle of the night: ‘Hi, it’s me. You’re not going to believe what’s happening.’ His writing performs miracles, it’s mysterious.” Thomas Pynchon