Vastas emoçoes e pensamentos imperfeitos

Vastas emoçoes e pensamentos imperfeitos / Vast Emotions and Imperfect Thoughts

Novel , 1988

Nova Fronteira

A grieving film director in Rio is visited by a carnival dancer who leaves him with a box full of precious gems. A few days later the dancer is dead, a man in a raincoat lurks outside the director's door, and a mysterious German producer surfaces with an irresistible offer: to make a film based on a story by the director's favorite author, the great Russian writer Isaac Babel. From this elemental framework the adventure begins. Dodging a horde of local smugglers, the director soon finds himself fleeing to Berlin, where a web of literary and political skulduggery awaits him. Rumor has it that an unpublished Babel manuscript has survived the Stalinist purges and is now being shopped by a lovesick Soviet bureaucrat. Forsaking caution, money, and at times his own sanity, the director makes a foray into East Berlin in pursuit of the one true thing that still stirs his heart.

'Blame it on Rio', New York Times Book Reviews, August 23, 1998