Verdolatría / Greenolatry

Non-fiction , 2018


Pages: 352

A new take on the expression “to live in harmony with nature,” based on another way of understanding our humanity.

Plants can help us understand human contradictions, and inspire us in what Montaigne called “the arduous science of knowing how to live well.”

Verdolatría is organised around four essential philosophical questions: What can I know? How should I act? What can I expect? What does it mean to be human? It draws on ecological thought, lessons from the art of gardening, and botanical science to change our understanding of life on the planet and our place in it.

"In the 21st century, nature appears as the last physical and mental refuge". Álvaro Soto

"A fantastic essay by a philosopher who is not afraid to get into the garden and who explores the relationships between the organization of nature and human thought." Patricia Soley, La Vanguardia