Circo Máximo. (Trilogía de Trajano, 2)

Circo Máximo. (Trilogía de Trajano, 2) / Circus Maximus (Trajan Trilogy. Volume II)

Novel , 2013


Pages: 1240

This is a story of Emperor Trajan and his government, wars and betrayals, incorruptible loyalties, chariot races, and impossible love stories. There’s a vestal virgin, a trial, encrypted messages, secret codes, pitched battles, endless sieges, gladiators, and three chariot races. There are forgotten ancient laws, human sacrifices, bitterness and terror, but also flashes of nobility and hope, such as Vesta’s flame, which protects Rome as it burns . But there are nights when the flame in the Temple of Vesta flickers. That’s when the wheel of Fortune starts to spin. At those times, anything can happen. Trajan himself is in mortal danger, although he doesn’t know it.