La legión perdida (Trilogía de Trajano, 3)

La legión perdida (Trilogía de Trajano, 3) / The lost legion (Trajan Trilogy. Volume III)

Novel , 2016


Pages: 1152

 “A monumental novel, very exciting. Impossible to abandon such enjoyable reading.” El País

“The novel is an authentic spectacle, unremitting for the reader, rocked by adrenaline-fuelled action.” La Vanguardia

The third volume in the trilogy is La legión perdida (The Lost Legion). On its pages, the reader witnesses Rome’s most ambitious military campaign, the conquest of the East. This conflict involves four empires, and turns Trajan into something more than an emperor: he becomes a legend of the stature of Alexander the Great.

This long-awaited conclusion to the trilogy masterfully wraps up every story of love, betrayal and intrigue. We discover whether the gladiator Marcius and his family finally achieve their desire of living in freedom. We witness the inevitable betrayal of Hadrian, the emperor’s future successor. And we contemplate the final work of art by Apollodorus, Trajan’s architect, who builds the celebrated column that will illustrate his escapades for eternity, among many other stories that have delighted hundreds of thousands of readers.

In the year 53 B.C., Consul Crassus crossed the Euphrates to conquer the East, but his army was destroyed in Carrhae. An entire legion was taken prisoner by the Parthians. No one knows for certain what happened to that lost legion.

It is now 150 years later, and Trajan is about to cross the Euphrates. The Parthians await on the other side. Caesar’s troops hesitate, fearing the same fate as the lost legion. But Trajan is not afraid, and undertakes Rome’s greatest military campaign, to victory or disaster. Intrigue, battles, two adolescent girls, strange languages, Rome, Parthia, India, China, two Caesars and an empress all come together in the greatest epic story of the ancient world.