Maldita Roma

Maldita Roma

Novel , 2023

Ediciones B

Pages: 864

The highly anticipated continuation of a saga that began with Roma soy yo, Spain’s best-selling book in 2022, has now arrived.

Julius Caesar is no longer an inexperienced young lawyer but rather a real threat to the power of Rome. However, he is not the only danger. A brave Thracian named Spartacus will lead an unprecedented rebellion when a group of gladiators fulfil their dream of freedom of emancipation on the slopes of Vesuvius. Their insurrection will make one of Caesar's greatest enemies even stronger: the increasingly rich Pompey, who commands an invincible army.

In these fast-paced pages we are also spectators to Catilina's treacherous conspiracy and the appearance of an Egyptian princess, a girl of unusual intelligence named Cleopatra. In a short period of time, the destinies of various figures will cross paths and leave an indelible mark on world history.