Roma soy yo

Roma soy yo / I am Rome

Novel , 2022

Ediciones B

Pages: 752

First instalment of the definitive saga dedicated to the man who changed the course of history: Julius Caesar.

When a senator, the dictator Sulla’s right-hand man, is put on trial on charges of rape, murder and corruption, no one in Rome believes that he will be convicted of even one of his countless crimes. The patricians enjoy total impunity because they control the senate.

Not only has the accused hired the best lawyers and bribed the judges, but he also has hired assassins at his disposal ready to kill anyone who dares to stand against him. As it is, no lawyer has the courage to present the case for the prosecution until a young and inexperienced patrician accepts the challenge. His name is Julius Caesar.

Master of the historical novel and with millions of copies sold, Santiago Posteguillo covers an almost unknown period in the life of one of the most studied and referenced men in history. An exciting novel where we become acquainted with the young Caesar, his love story with Cornelia, his beginnings as a lawyer and his ideal – not much more than an nearly impossible dream of youth – of building a more just and equitable Rome.

I am Rome recounts the extraordinary events that marked Caesar's destiny.

Posteguillo contributes pace and objectivity to the legend of Julius Caesar.” El País  

“The greatest writer of historical novels in Spanish turns his attention to one of the most extraordinary of men.” El Mundo