Y Julia retó a los dioses

Y Julia retó a los dioses / And Julia Defied the Gods

Novel , 2020


Pages: 792

The anxiously awaited part two and conclusion of Yo, Julia (I, Julia), which sold over 250,000 copies in only one year.

In their ascent to the throne, Julia Domna defeated adversaries, conspirators, generals, and even empires to get her beloved Septimius Severus crowned as emperor. But staying in power is a more arduous task than conquering it, and the gods, divided into supporters and detractors, have hatched a plan to challenge Julia to five tests no human would be capable of passing.

With impeccable historical rigour and the frenzied pace of a Hollywood screenplay, complete with battles, chariot races, betrayals, and stories of love, passion and incest, Santiago Posteguillo portrays the slow, cruel fall of Julia and her dealings with the gods to keep her family in power and ensure the good name of her lineage for posterity.