No em busquis

No em busquis / Don’t Look For Me

Novel , 2021

Rosa dels Vents

Pages: 304

A fast-paced thriller with many contrasts, about two very different women who are forced to reach an understanding in a search against the clock. 

Silvia, an executive who lives in the highest and wealthiest part of Barcelona, discovers that her son Martí has missed his last session of rehabilitation treatment, which he has been receiving for many months. Then her worst fears are confirmed: Martí has disappeared without trace. The only news she has from him is a message that says: “Don't look for me.”

After trying to draw the attention of the police to his disappearance, Silvia decides to investigate on her own and manages to contact Moni, Martí's ex-girlfriend, an eccentric young woman who deals in cocaine to fulfil her dream in life: to move to Tonga, an island paradise in the South Seas. Soon Moni also realises that she has a reason to find Martí: he has stolen the wad of cash that she kept at home and with which she had finally saved enough money to leave Barcelona. 

Although they distrust each other, Silvia and Moni venture into the dangerous Barcelona underworld together, where they will have to cope with the threat and violence of Tigre, a foreign mafia boss capable of making their worst nightmares come true…