La familia Cubierto

La familia Cubierto / The Cutlery Family

Books for children and young readers , 2017

Mágicas Naranjas

"Mixing the music of the verses, the tinkle and the murmuring of words, Silvia Arazi brings out a secret card: there is a member of the gray and formal cuterly family that isn’t so gray nor so formal. The little one in the family, Little Spoon, desobedient and dreamy, is in love with John Knive, a cheeky dancer that writes love letters. Because love is everywhere, and Silvia Arazi knows it. Love can triumph and make all the colours appear amidst the grayness. How to find this out? Reading The Cutlery Family, and discovering what happens when Little Spoon dreams over and over, and when she finally finds out where the sun had been hidden." Graciela Melgarejo, Noticias Positivas 

With photos by Leticia Fraguela.

Reseña, 'La familia Cubierto: el juego detrás del sonido', La Primera Piedra, 3/11/2017