Un hombre interesante

Un hombre interesante / An Interesting Man

Novel , 2021

Planeta Argentina

Pages: 80

An inspiring fable for readers of all ages about the immense power contained in a simple sentence to change the direction of a life. What if just contemplating the possibility of happiness is the crucial, decisive step toward attaining it? 

Atilio is a pharmacist who leads a dull life. His wife thinks he is a fool, and by virtue of hearing her often say so, he has come to believe it too. Deep down he has resigned himself to the fact that his days pass by in uneventful calm. 

One day on holiday, while enjoying a sunset alone on the beach, a beautiful young girl named Delfina asks him to accompany her to the port where her aunts are waiting to have tea with her, and when they say goodbye she kisses him on the cheek and says she thinks he is a “really interesting” man. 

After this meeting an unexpected interest begins to awaken inside Attilio. Who is this mysterious young woman? Perhaps she is a mermaid in disguise? And why does he suddenly start to feel things that he had forgotten about? Like the cool morning breeze or the possibility that something truly interesting is about to happen to a truly interesting man.