Des del balcó

Des del balcó

Novel , 2017


Pages: 286

A family saga full of secrets and emotions.

Teresa Muñoz is a new talent on the Catalan literary scene. In this moving and intriguing second novel, she takes us to Barcelona’s post-war Gothic Quarter to weave a family story of crime, secrets, frustrated loves and inconfessable sins in a dark period of injustice and misery.

Angela is about to turn 50, and hasn’t been with anyone since she lost her partner. Before her death, her mother entrusted her with a family secret in the hopes that she would write a novel about it. Angela starts to write in the old flat inherited from her mother. During her breaks, she goes out onto the balcony for some fresh air. This space becomes the focal point for a new love when she meets her new neighbour, Hector, to whom she feels attracted. Her encounters with Hector are interspersed with explorations of her family’s past. Angela discovers that her own salvation will only be possible if she makes her mother’s history her own, starting with a flame that burns and reveals all the secrets hidden under the weight of a vile dictatorship.