Vint-i-set dinosaures

Vint-i-set dinosaures / Veintisiete dinosaurios

Books for children and young readers , 2022

Estrella Polar

Pages: 108

Best Books of 2022 by the Spanish Organization for Children and Young Adult's Books (OEPLI)

A brave, inspiring story. How to tackle the sexual abuse of minors by alerting them to the traps and showing them how to fight back and ask for help.

When the monster enters his room in the middle of the night, Nil concentrates on the dinosaur stickers on the wall, twenty-seven altogether, and the animals magically come to life until the monster leaves. During the day Nil pretends that everything is normal: He tries to focus on his studies, he plays Fortnite with his friends and seeks out the company of his inseparable beagle dog. At his age he knows that monsters don't exist, but how else can he describe his uncle?

Since his father died, Nil has set himself two goals: to finish assembling the robot they were building together and to drive the monster out of his home once and for all. These are the two most difficult challenges in his life and to achieve them he must pluck up the courage to trust the person who loves him the most, his mother, without being afraid to reveal everything the monster forces him to do and forbids him to tell.

“Muñoz carries out an exercise in raising awareness, highlighting a social scourge that affects the most vulnerable group, children, in a story that is free of cynicism or morbid fascination.” Núvol