La casa de les papallones

La casa de les papallones / House of Butterflies

Novel , 2014


Pages: 240

The Norma Forester Crime Series

In the garden of an old squat house in Barcelona's Vallcarca district, the body of a girl appears. The deputy inspector of the police Norma Forester receives an uncomfortable call for her to go there straight away. The investigation makes Norma immerse herself in the environment of the victim: the companies where she worked, her husband, her best friend... The crisis, which covers everything, has turned a daily world into a breeding ground for possible crimes, where good and evil are not fully distinguished. However, the case is more delicate that what it seems, and having a daughter involved, Norma should not interfere. Meanwhile, an accident at Prat Airport, leaving hundreds dead, means she can´t count on her husband Octavi, who is forensic pathologist and who unexpectedly reunites with a former lover that will complicate his life.

Like Barcelona, the city in which she was born and lives, Norma's family is a happy mix of different roots and sensibilities. If in Black Storms, the first novel in the series, the investigation of a history professor led her to bring to light one of the many cases of fascist repression, in The Butterfly House Norma will have to solve a crime in a squat that seems to have no immediate motive but a variety of suspects.