Set casos de sang i fetge i una història d’amor

Set casos de sang i fetge i una història d’amor / The First Prehistoric Serial Killer and Other Tales

Short stories and novellas , 2010

Edicions 62 (El balancí)

Fascinating short stories that include a rather bloody satire on installation art (“Still Life No.41”, shortlisted for the 2012 short story Edgar award), a wonderful story of gruesome revenge involving a wayward son-in-law, a surprising and hilarious tale of a pre-historic serial killer who invents God and psychoanalysis,

"Teresa Solana, already Barcelona's wittiest satirist, excels herself with The First Prehistoric Serial Killer, a collection of blackly humorous short stories. It's a laugh-out-loud gem of surrealism. The book 's title story explains how the planet's first detective investigated a murder. Eight other linked stories deal with disparate topics, each with a crime slant—including I Detest Mozart, being an interpreter at a gathering of gangsters and how to hide dodgy money. Just as you think there cannot be yet another funny twist, Solana comes up with three more, each more outrageous than its predecessor." The Times

"This subtly inventive story collection from Spanish author Solana (The Sound of One Hand Killing) floats effortlessly from whimsy to horror, from exploring the inner life of ghosts to witnessing a murderous gang fight. Solana's understated narratives allow the criminality or weirdness to build until the reader is unexpectedly immersed in it. All are well worth reading." Publishers Weekly

"Solana’s novels are sharp and acerbically funny...the present collection brings together her explorations of the darker side of contemporary Barcelona and her unsettling surrealistic streak." Paul Preston, author of The Spanish Civil War

"A hugely imaginative collection of (mostly crime) (mostly Barcelona-based) short stories. The ‘Connections’ sequence in particular is terrific." Ian Rankin