Domingo de revolución

Domingo de revolución / Revolution Sunday

Novel , 2016


Pages: 232

“This book showcases Wendy Guerra in all her splendor: lyrical, lighthearted, hilarious, hearbreaking and totally inimitable.” Alejandro Zambra, author

Cleo, a young writer from Havana, travels to Spain to receive a poetry award and to sign the publication of her book in several languages. Back in Cuba, with her success under her arm, she realizes that she has become an author under suspicion. She begins to perceive that she is continuously watched, even in the privacy of her bed, and discovers to her horror that she suddenly cannot trust anyone, not even her closest friends. In her attempts to clarify her situation, Cleo learns of an unusual fact: her real father may have been clandestinely executed by Castroism, accused of espionage. The investigation of this dark episode from the past allows Cleo to reconstruct her own identity, dissolved in the paranoia of a government obstinate in depriving her of the truth and in condemning whoever writes about her.

“Her books powerfully portray the uncomfortable grandchildren of the revolution. A generation facing the same 'forbidden’ destiny as their predecessors, experiencing the forbidden in ways that are lighter, but which cause more suffering as well.“ L. Santiago Méndez Alpízar, El País

“With this novel Wendy Guerra confirms her status as one of the most perspicacious, sophisticated and interesting Latin American writers working today.” Francisco Martínez Bouzas, Brújulas y Espirales 

“With a prose that isa s poetica as it is volcanic, the Caribbean writer offers a living diary of a woman who is isolated on her own island, as well as a testimony of a crucial moment of change in the history of a country that the protagonist can’t abandon." El Nacional